Welcome to the Davidoff Group, the home of 'value-added' investing.

The Davidoff Group is a privately owned holding company, based in Tel Aviv with interests around the world. Founded by Rony Davidoff more than two decades ago, the Davidoff Group has cultivated an impressive portfolio of companies with a strong global footprint.

Privately funded, the Davidoff Group enjoys the flexibility to select investment targets that demonstrate strong growth potential, and reflect its core values: a passion for people, innovation and value creation.

By transforming solid companies into exceptional performers, the Davidoff Group has earned a reputation for delivering excellent investor and partner value through long-term leadership.

At the same time, we’re immensely proud to manage a group of companies providing essential services to millions of people, across almost every aspect of life - from healthcare and education to employment, buying a new home and improving one’s physical wellbeing – united in their purpose of adding-value.

Both in our transactions and portfolio management, we practice a culture of rigorous planning and disciplined planning, balanced with agile decision-making – empowering our leadership teams to build ambitious plans and exceed them.

DG Investment Manifesto

We seek companies with robust revenue and ability to generate free cash flow.

We are committed to people, success and long-term growth.

We invest smartly and seek solid returns.

We engage with people and companies who share our values, and our vision for continuous growth.

We engage with companies with a good story - at an interesting junction in their growth trajectory.

We are prepared to take risks, but always with prudence.

We seek excellence in everything we do and constantly measure our performance.

We nurture relationships with our company’s leaders, and afford them every opportunity to succeed.

Welcome to the Davidoff Group, the home of 'value-added' investing.