We play an active role in our investments

The Davidoff Group takes an active, hands-on role in guiding our senior managers, leveraging the depth of our industry experience and extensive networks, to create value for our portfolio companies, through strategic direction, innovative business models, operational synergies and geographic expansion.

The Davidoff Group’s flexible approach opens the way to several types of investment structures: from full buy-out, joint control or significant minority. Historically, the group has focused on old economy, service-based companies with strong potential growth engines. Today, the group takes a more global, sector-agnostic perspective, favoring opportunities where its value-add is clear, such as opening new markets or leading acquisitions.

As a group, we excel at transforming good companies into great ones, with long-term futures. Leveraging the strength of our team, resources and know-how, we excel at leading companies to the next stage of their evolution – focusing on opening new markets, strengthening existing ones, and enabling international expansion.

Post-investment, we work closely with our management teams as active partners to build sustainable, innovative and market-leading businesses.

Investment Criteria

Essentially, we invest in companies with strong fundamentals and a good story to tell. As a starting point, we look for the following factors:

  1. Talented individuals who share our passion, commitment and values.
  2. An interesting business model, or growth engine with unrealized potential.
  3. A sizable market opportunity.
  4. An international dimension.
  5. Cash-flow generation and strong revenue.
We play an active role in our investments