A history of ambitious performance

Founded over 30 years ago, the Davidoff Group has evolved from a small family insurance business, to a leading international insurance player, to a holding company, and a private investment firm. We share the highlights.
A history of ambitious performance
  • 2005
    DG acquires First Assist USA
  • 2006
    Davidoff establishes Pension Arrangements, revolutionizing the provision of corporate pension arrangements in Israel
  • 2007
    Femi Premium, Israel’s leading BPO service provider, acquires Europ Assistance Israel
  • 2008
    DG sells its 49% stake in Howden Israel
  • 2010
    DG invests in Orbix Medical, a startup with a revolutionary ‘internal bra’ aimed at the billion-dollar global cosmetic surgery market
  • 2011
    DG invests in Effective Solutions, a leader in cost-cutting solutions for businesses.
    DG acquires Dr Pach, Israel’s most innovative auto repair network.
    DG sells 50% stake in Davidoff Pension Arrangements to Psagot Group
    Howden Israel acquires 100% of Davidoff Insurance brokers
  • 2012
    DG invests in Relocation Jobs, Israel’s outstanding HR and Relocation solutions provider
  • 2013
    Adler Homski makes a strategic investment in Objective Mortgages
  • 2013
    DG sells MedSave USA to private equity funds Trident Capital and HLM Venture Partners.
  • 2014

    DG sells it's holdings in Relocation Jobs

    Orbix Medical raised USD 4.2M

  • 2015

    DG sells it's holdings in Objective Mortgages.
    DG Sells it's holdings in Davidoff Pension Arrangements To Psagot Group

  • 2015

     DG sells 50% of Femi Premium to Kedma, a Private Equity fund

  • 2016

     DG sells the insurance operation of DOI Ltd

  • 2018

     DG sells Effective Solutions inc

  • 2019

    DG spins off the Group's Telemedicine activity as a separate entity - Ummanu  

  • 2020

    Establishment of Poppins, in a joint venture with Ampliospeech

  • 2020

     G-Square, a London based private equity fund, replaces Kedma in Femi and purchases its 50% stake 

  • 2020

    DG sells Dr. Pach 

  • today/2024