Rony Davidoff

Founder, President and CEO

Cultivating excellence as our competitive edge

Rony Davidoff is the Founder, President and CEO of the Davidoff Group. In 1985, shortly after graduating, Mr. Davidoff joined the family’s insurance brokerage. With vision, creativity and tenacious determination, he successfully transformed a single employee family business into a worldwide concern, bringing innovation to the conservative world of Healthcare and Insurance services.

Mr. Davidoff believes in cultivating operational and managerial excellence as a means of achieving a competitive edge, and has 

realized this philosophy in building market-leading companies such as FEMI Premium and MedSave. Davidoff continues to guide the Davidoff Group’s high-performance culture and pursuit of excellence.

Mr. Davidoff holds a BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University, and is a qualified insurance broker in various fields.

Rony Davidoff