A talent for cultivating opportunities

Each and every day, a Davidoff Group company serves the needs of over 40 million customers every day – improving people’s lives, from rescuing a family broken down on a motorway to making home financing more affordable.

The Davidoff Group’s investment portfolio comprises 7 companies, covering 3 continents and employing over 3000 staff. Through innovative business models, cutting edge products and service excellence, our companies are actively involved in shaping their industries for the good.

Performing fast and slow
Building a successful portfolio demands the tenacious determination of a marathon runner, and the lightning agility of a sprinter. At Davidoff, these qualities are manifested in our agile, entrepreneurial approach to investing, and our patient approach to company building.

Femi Premium
MedSave Healthcare India
Orbix Medical Ltd
Dr Pach Auto Repair Garages
Davidoff Pension Arrangements Management
Objective Mortgages
Effective Solutions
A talent for cultivating opportunities